About Nina & Rachel

We are second year midwifery students in the UK, training in both the community and in hospital. We are both privileged to have witnessed the power and beauty of birth. We both feel that although our course covers the necessary ground for qualification there is so much more to know. By learning from and sharing with midwives from across the globe so much valuable midwifery knowledge is sustained.


Having both experienced living and working in the developing world before our midwifery training this is something we are keen to experience as midwives. After following the very difficult situation in Haiti closely we learned of a birth centre in the area of Cap Haitien and were inspired to spend time there. We will be learning from American and Haitian midwives and the women and families that they serve.


Mama Baby Haiti is a not for profit organisation that aims to improve the health of mothers and children in Haiti.  They are building a sustainable, community based resource for the provision of excellent pregnancy and birth care as well as outreach healthcare. Their founding principles of promotion of wellness in women and their families and education is a hopeful and positive message as Haiti gradually rebuilds itself.


We will be leaving in August to spend 4 weeks volunteering at the Mama Baby Haiti birth centre. We aim to take as many basic medical supplies and reference material to donate as we can carry. Mama Baby Haiti depend entirely on donations for their supplies of life saving equipment.


What we are doing:


We are raising money to fund both our trip and to donate to the birth centre.  We are cycling from London to Paris (approximately three times around the border of Haiti!) in May to raise awareness and funds for the trip.

We are also planning a number of awareness raising events in schools and in our local communities. As well as raising awareness and funds we want to celebrate the power of women worldwide. Would you like us to come and speak at your event/school assembly? Please contact us via facebook messaging, or by commenting on the blog.


What you can do:


Sponsor our sore saddles and aching legs for our London to Paris cycle ride. As we are not a registered charity we are asking you to donate to a paypal account (link in progress). Please be assured that every penny donated will go towards sending us to Haiti and Mama Baby Haiti. We are happy to provide accounts to donors upon request.


If you would prefer to donate directly to Mama Baby Haiti there is a donate page on their website.


please contact us if you would like to make a donation of something we could take with us to the birth centre. For example: Women’s nightgowns, underwear for women and children, receiving blankets, cloth nappies, toothbrushes, antenatal vitamins, multi-vitamins, notebooks, pens and pencils.


Follow us on our journey to Haiti on this blog and facebook…..


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