Open your heart to Haiti this Valentine’s day

“Keep calm and cast on” is back!

The wonderful Haitian women and midwives we met have been in our hearts and minds since last August. We were so touched by the midwives and women that we met that we committed to on-going fundraising for both the organisation and a new project to provide free contraception for all women visiting the clinic. This is the single most important live-saving intervention for women, it’s incredibly cheap to provide but simply beyond the reach of most women. A couple of dollars buys a depo injection or condoms and $25 buys a tubal ligation for women whose families are complete.

On Sunday the 12th of February Darn it & Stitch will be open from midday until 4pm with homemade lemonade, tea and homemade cakes available on a donation only basis. There will be Valentine’s cookies and cupcakes available to purchase too for take-home treats for the whole family.

The yarn swap will be the focus of the day. We know that every knitter has a dirty secret; cupboards full of yarn that seemed a good idea at the time but that you will never use… and this is their solution! Bring your yarn and swap it for a new set of inspiration. Basic grading will be done on the day and we suggest donations of £1.50 to £3.00 per swap (up to 3 skeins depending on size). Needles, yarn and basic tuition will be available for those that would like to knit with us for a little while (so please bring your non-knitting friends!).

Anyone interested in donating yarn or popping in to knit with us should email Nina at or search for “mountains beyond mountains” on Facebook.

Come and join us for tea, cake and knitting little red hats!

Darn It & Stitch
Darn It & Stitch


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