So, we are back in the UK and have been flung headlong into our third year of Midwifery training. The clinic seems a million years ago and at the same time we are both still mentally there. A very experienced American midwife is now there and doing wonderful things – please read her blog : and send her your love and support!

There are lots of stories still to be told and we will be sharing them with you over the next couple of weeks. For a start though here are some pictures- double click on them for a larger version (all the women in these images agreed to be photographed and for their pictures to be published online):

Slum area "Shada" in Cap Haitien

A river of rubbish and sewage

A street near the outreach clinic

Beautiful Haiti

Rachel gets a big hug from the undisputed queen of Shada - Madame Bwa, Midwife and mother to many.

Breastfeeding education in the outreach clinic

Rachel doing antenatal consultations in Shada

Clinic with an audience

Wonderful Marie Charles - MBH Haitian midwife

Birthing and clinic room at MBH

A massive breastfed baby!!

Postnatal recovery area with cunning devices for holding up nets - Nina got a bit blue peter. Rachel giving breastfeeding support to a very young mum with a premature baby

Making mum's life easier by teaching her to breastfeed lying down!

Beautiful little prem baby getting stronger by the day thanks to Marie helping her young mum


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